Is Volvo Cars a Luxury Brand?

Luxury in every sense.

Is Volvo Cars a Luxury Brand in Eugene, OR

Ever since Volvo Cars created its first model back in 1927, the brand has evolved and excelled, breaking boundaries in the pursuit of automotive innovation. You’re probably already aware of Volvo Cars’ reputation for producing some of the industry’s safest vehicles, but if you’re wondering whether the brand’s models are considered luxury cars, the Volvo Cars Eugene team is here to answer that question with an emphatic “yes.” From the smallest details of Volvo sedans, SUVs and wagons to the way that the brand cares for each customer throughout their ownership experience, the Volvo Cars brand offers a level of luxury that extends far beyond leather seats and price tags. It’s far more personal than that, encompassing your safety, satisfaction and senses. Keep reading to learn about five things that define Volvo Cars as a luxury brand.

High Standard of Quality

Every Volvo vehicle produced today is held to a high standard, and the brand carries a legacy of creating cars that last. After all, the brand made its first vehicle because its founders felt that no one else was creating models sturdy and safe enough for Swedish roads. Nearly 100 years later, Volvo cars are still built with integrity — no cutting corners or jeopardizing safety for the sake of profit. While that shouldn’t be a novel idea, in today’s culture of high-speed overproduction, going the extra mile to create a high-quality product firmly establishes Volvo Cars as part of the luxury segment.

Luxurious Standard Features

Standard features help to define whether a vehicle is “luxury” or not, so let’s look at the standard features in two Volvo models. The base 2023 Volvo S90 sedan comes with a standard heated steering wheel, a standard 360-degree camera, standard keyless entry and much more. The base 2024 Volvo XC90 Recharge comes with standard leather upholstery, a standard panoramic roof, standard keyless entry with a hands-free power tailgate and much more. These are just a few of many examples, and with this much comfort and convenience on these base models, it’s clear that Volvo vehicles are anything but average.

Innovative Technology

Many customers judge a vehicle’s level of luxury based on its technology, and by that metric, Volvo vehicles are quite luxurious. The brand offers available Google built-in (with access to Google Assistant, Maps and PlayStore included for four years)1 on a variety of models. Intuitive touchscreens and voice activation make controlling music, navigation and settings simple. And Volvo Cars’ innovation isn’t just in the cabin: It’s under the hood, too. Mild hybrid systems allow purely gas-powered Volvo models to run more efficiently, and the brand’s lineup of plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles are leading the way to a smarter and more sustainable future.

Elevated Design

Ventilated nappa leather, genuine Swedish crystal, matte limewood — these are just some of the available premium materials used in the creation of Volvo models. Volvo designers put great thought into how it feels to drive a Volvo, considering the sights, sounds and textures that will lead to the most satisfying experience. Streamlined Scandinavian design has become a hallmark of Volvo cars, both inside the cabin and out. With modern, elegant yet approachable exterior design, these vehicles give off an air of confident luxury. No flashy gimmicks are necessary; a Volvo makes a statement without saying a word.

Customer Experiences

Luxury isn’t just found in tangible things — it can be found in all the ways that Volvo Cars demonstrates its commitment to its customers. For instance, luxury can be found in the peace of mind you’ll feel knowing that your Volvo vehicle contains cutting-edge Safe Space Technology to help protect you on the road. Volvo has been pioneering vehicle safety technology for decades, making historic strides (such as the invention of the three-point safety belt by Volvo engineer Nils Bohlin in 1959). Luxury can be found in the experience you’ll enjoy if you choose the Volvo Overseas Delivery Program, through which you and a guest can go to Sweden to pick up your new Volvo in person and become acquainted with the country where Volvo was born. And finally, luxury can be found in access to four years of complementary 24/7 roadside assistance which comes with your Volvo purchase.2 All of these things, and many more, show how Volvo Cars goes above and beyond to ensure a truly top-tier experience for its customers.

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1The Google services are enabled through the Digital services subscription. It is included for up to four years from the retail delivery date if the car is new. After this period ends, new terms and conditions will apply.

2New Volvo vehicles include complimentary Volvo Roadside Assistance for 4 years. Certified By Volvo vehicles include complimentary Volvo Roadside Assistance for 5 years.